Using the Beauty and Functionality of Natural Fibers. 
Why Mohair? My own gelding, Clifford has skin issues. We had tried cinches & girths made from leather, fleece, and even neoprene. Each and every one of them caused various skin issues. Out of desperation, I tried Mohair on him, and very quickly his symptoms started to reduce. As long as I only use Mohair, he no longer suffers from any of his previous reactions. For my horse Clifford and many others, Mohair is the most natural and best way to prevent skin irritation, galling, bald patches, excess sweat/overheating, and skin flaking.
Why does Mohair work when the other materials didn’t?  Mohair is a natural fiber produced by the Angora Goat, it is actually hair, not wool. It feels comfortable for the horse, it is soft, naturally breathable, and has a wicking action, pulling sweat off of the horse. Mohair is a great cinch material because it is naturally antibacterial, very strong, and resilient. Genuine Mohair is easy to use, washable, and relatively low maintenance. 
Commercially made vs handmade: Which is better? 
Many commercially made mohair cinches & girths often contain blends of other fibers labeled as ‘mohair’.  Buying a handmade cinch assures you the material going into the product is 100% mohair.
Do you need a unique size or with specific buckles? We can customize each horses' needs and allowing you to keep the benefits of mohair in any discipline you ride, from English to Western, we can help you. 
Fun with colors & patterns: Mohair takes on dyes very readily, we have a lot of colors available to work into cinches, girths, and other mohair items, to create that special, one of a kind custom piece.
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